Club Anniversaries

Anniversaries are a great time for Clubs to celebrate rich motoring history and how much the Club have progressed in the timespan you’ve been running. Creating events and celebrations around an anniversary is not only an opportunity where you can shout about your appreciation for the support you receive from your volunteers and community, but also show more people how they can get involved and promote the sport and how fun the motorsport community is to be a part of.

Different awards:

  • 50 years – Golden
  • 75 years – Diamond
  • 100 years – Centenary
  • 120 years – Bidecacentennial

What each award receives:

  • 50 and 75 – Digital Asset kit including logos and digital certificate
  • 100, 120, and 150 – framed certificate with presentation from member of staff at Motorsport UK, as well as digital asset kit



If you have any questions about Club Anniversaries, please get in contact with the Club & Community Development Team at