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Working in England, Wales, the Channel Island and/or the Isle of Man

If you are working in regulated activity in England, Wales, the Channel Islands and/or the Isle of Man you are required to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. Regulated activity depends on who you work with and the frequency of this, use the following flow-chart to understand if you are in regulated activity as defined by government legislation:

  • Club or Championship Safeguarding Officer
  • Clerk of the Course (including deputies)
  • Team personnel working or volunteering with under 18’s
  • Steward
  • Rescue Officials
  • Car and Kart Scrutineers
  • Team Managers
  • Medical roles, including Doctors, Paramedics and Medical Assistants

If you perform one of these roles, please email

A flow chart to help explain regulated activity and how this applies to your role can be found below. If you would like to discuss this requirement further, please contact safeguarding at or call 01753 765000 for advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

All volunteer applicants are eligible for a free check, any costs are covered by Motorsport UK. For those who receive financial gain (more than expenses), you will be required to pay £67 for the check.

What if I have a previous caution or conviction appears on my check?

All convictions, cautions and information on the certificate are assessed for their relevance in respect of safeguarding children and adults at risk and your suitability to work with these individuals.

The existence of any conviction and/or caution will not necessarily prevent an individual from being involved in Motorsport, this will depend on the nature and circumstance of the information provided, the time that has passed since the offence took place and the relevance to your current role. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

What if I work/volunteer in more than one country in the United Kingdom?

A relevant suitability check is required for each country of the United Kingdom that you work in. If you work/volunteer in England and Wales, you are required to complete a DBS check; if you work/volunteer in Scotland, you are required to complete a PVG check; if you work/volunteer in Northern Ireland, you are required to complete an Access NI check.

This is because the legislation regarding regulated activity differs slightly across these three parts of the United Kingdom, making the check not valid once you cross the border.

I’m completing my DBS application form and it asks me for me role, but the only option it gives is “Motor Sport Coach 1.” I’m not a coach. What should I do?

Although you may not be a coach, by choosing this option, you will get the DBS check you need for your role.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regulated Activity Flow Chart

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