The Sport

Information for Young People

Motorsport UK wants all young people who participate in motorsport to feel respected, safe and valued. We want to ensure your views are listened to and actions are taken on those views. We are committed to providing a fun and safe environment for you to enjoy the sport.

It is important to us that you share with your associated group what you feel about the sport and what they can do to make you feel safe and continue to enjoy your participation.

Please see Motorsport UK Non-recent abuse leaflet for further information.

Sharing a Concern

How to share a concern and who you can speak to.


A range of helplines and websites where you can find helpful information, advice and support.

Participating in Motorsports Information

Information on Motorsport UK policies and regulations that young people within the sport are required to adhere to.

Staying Safe Online

Understand the risks that are present online and what you can do to stay safe.