Marshals are vital to the safe and effective running of events



Volunteer marshals are the beating heart of UK motorsport. Proudly standing out in their orange overalls or marshals’ tabards, they are vital to the safe and effective running of events all over the country.

For anyone who is passionate about motorsport but does not necessarily want to get behind the wheel, becoming a marshal is a great way to get close to the action.

The role involves a wide range of essential duties to help events to run safely and effectively, from clearing debris and managing spectators to operating a start, finish line or assembly area. Being a marshal affords you one of the best seats in the house and the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes at all the most exciting championships and events.

Motorsport UK registered marshals are so highly trained and regarded that they are in high demand across the globe; over 500 British marshals regularly attend a wide range of overseas events, at the invitation of the organisers, to share their expertise.

Getting started

The best way to get started as a volunteer marshal is to join a club and attend a taster day. For more information, check out the British Motorsport Marshals Club (BMMC), the British Rally Marshals Club (BRMC) or the Scottish Motorsport Marshals Club (SMMC). Alternatively, you can find your local motor club here.

You will also find a range of introductory modules on Motorsport UK’s online learning platform which will help prepare you for the role. Simply log in to the Motorsport UK website and follow the instructions to access the Learning Hub.

If you are unable to carry out the training online, you will need to arrange a training day via your local club to carry it out face-to-face.

Registration and renewal

Once you have completed the online Registered Marshal Accreditation Course on the Learning Hub, you may then apply to become a Registered Marshal with Motorsport UK. This can be done via the member portal and allows you to volunteer for any type of event to assist the marshalling team. Please inform the organising club if you are just starting out on your marshalling journey or are new to the discipline – they will then ensure that you are supported by someone with the appropriate experience.

You must renew your registration each year and this can also be done via the member portal.

Marshalling Abroad

Please complete this form if you would like confirmation of your marshalling grade to enable you to marshal at an overseas event in 2024. Once your application has been approved, Motorsport UK will provide you with a marshalling abroad declaration. It will be your responsibility to forward a copy of the declaration to any overseas event organiser who invites you to attend their event. You should ensure that you read the Marshalling Abroad FAQs document below before making an application.

Please note Motorsport UK accepts no liability, in respect of your activities, at events that are not sanctioned by Motorsport UK under the permit system. You are reminded that travel arrangements and accommodation are your own responsibility. Motorsport UK Third Party Liability Insurance is not valid overseas, however your Personal Accident cover is as long as you have notified Motorsport UK in advance of your trip.

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