List of 2019 Training Dates - please note that this list may be updated and more dates added. Last updated 22/03/19.

2019 PRC Review FAQs

2019 Motorsport UK Training Dates:

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Stage Commander Refresher 1-day Workshops

2nd June 2019 – The Hilton, Gateshead

30th June 2019 – The Hilton, Templepatrick

New Stage Commander 2-day Workshops

9th & 10th November 2019 – The Holiday Inn, Bristol

18th & 19th January 2020 – Stirling Court, Stirling

Event/Spectator Safety Workshops

19th October 2019 – The Mercure Great Danes, Maidstone

16th November 2019 – The Holiday Inn, Taunton

30th November 2019 – The Hilton, Gateshead

1st February 2020 – Jurys Inn, Donington

Safety Car Workshop

15th September 2019 – Headlam Hall, Darlington