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Motor sport is one of the few sporting activities in which men and women can compete alongside each other on an equal footing, yet as they currently make up only eight per cent of registered licence holders, women are hugely under-represented among competitors.

Nonetheless, there are thousands of women actively involved in British motor sport, organising events, running clubs and associations, timekeeping, marshalling and fulfilling a host of other support roles without which the sport itself could not function.

Motorsport UK is committed to supporting women in motor sport and creating female role models to inspire the next generation. All intakes of the Motorsport UK Academy’s AASE programme to date have included female students, while the Go Motorsport initiative – aimed equally at both sexes – is backed by champion racer Sarah Moore, as well as television presenters Louise Goodman and Vicki Butler-Henderson.

Dare To Be Different

Dare to be Different is a campaign from Susie Wolff and Motorsport UK to inspire, connect and celebrate women who work in every aspect of motor sport. To find our more, visit the D2BD website.

British Women Racing Drivers Club

The BWRDC was founded in 1962 by Mary Wheeler MBE, who aimed to encourage and promote women in all forms of motor sport. Membership of the Club allows women to tap into its wealth of experience, in addition to carrying numerous other benefits. For further information visit www.bwrdc.co.uk.

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