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What constitutes an event?

Where an activity is organised by a Club for its members and advertised through whatever medium that Club uses to publicise its activities, that activity is an event. The organisers have a liability and that activity must have approval from Motorsport UK. This applies only to Motorsport UK Affiliated Clubs.

Such approval includes the protection provided by the Motorsport UK Master Policies in respect of the public liability.

Alternatively, where a group of persons, who may share membership of a Club, arrange between themselves to meet up and do something together, then such informal activities may not be construed as a Club event and do not require approval from Motorsport UK.

Treasure Hunts and Touring Assemblies – what do I need to apply for?

If you are organising an event and you are unsure whether you need to apply for a Permit and/or Route Authorisation, please click here.

How do I update Club Officials?

Club Officials can be updated by logging in as the Club, then going to ‘Edit Club Details’. If you are unsure of your login details please contact the Competitions and Clubs Department.

Within the Edit Club Details section you can update the contact information for the Competition Secretary, Club Secretary, Chairman, President, Treasurer and Chief Marshal, as well as any additional information such as the Regional Associations the Club is registered with and the Club logo. Once you have finished editing each official, click the save button.

Please note changes can take up to 48 hours to update.

Why have I received a Late Fee Email?

All permits must be paid in full within 14 days of the event being held. After this period for every week the permit is left unpaid, a late fee is added and an email sent to the Secretary and Treasurer of the Club from our automated email system.

If you have paid your Permit by bank transfer and returned the Permit by email/post and have still received a late fee email, please contact the Competitions and Clubs Department.

How do I renew my Club Registration for next year?

Club registration renewal can be completed online. To do this, please click here and login as your club.

If you do not know your club login details or are unable to complete your registration online for other reasons, please contact the Competitions and Clubs Department.

What declarations do I need to use on our Club Membership cards?

The declarations can be found under General Regulation H25.1.3 of the 2019 Motorsport UK Yearbook, extract below. Please note this is valid for 2020:

Club Membership Cards shall contain the following wording;

Side A shall include as a minimum:
Name of Club (name of club)

This is to certify that (name of member) “is a duly elected member paid up to (date of renewal or expiry of membership) and is, therefore, authorised by The Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association Ltd on the conditions stated overleaf, to take part in all competitions confined to members of this club or defined as Clubman events under Motorsport UK Regulations.”

Membership No (Number)
Signature of Club Secretary (signature)

Side B shall include as a minimum:
“I declare that I shall not drive in any part of a competition which takes place on the public highway unless I hold a valid motor vehicle RTA licence for cars (other than provisional). I am acquainted with and agree to be bound by the General Regulations of Motorsport UK.”

Signature of Holder

Warning Notice A.