David Coulthard – My Motorsport Moment

Thursday 30 September 2021

British Formula One legend David Coulthard features in the September edition of Revolution. He won 13 Grands Prix, including two on home soil, yet it is his time spent at the grassroots of British motorsport that stick as his most memorable motorsport moments.

Here’s an insight into what the Scotsman had to say on ‘climbing the ladder.’

My Motorsport Moment

I could make something up and say winning the British Grand Prix was my most memorable moment, but to be honest, arguably, I enjoyed the lower formulas in terms of pure pleasure more than Formula One.

I remember the grassroots level fondly because it was serious and everyone did the best they could. There was also an innocence to it back then that gets lost when things become more professional and more commercial. That’s just the way of the world. It’s not wrong; it’s just the way it is.

I have enjoyed many special moments at British circuits and I don’t think we’ve got a bad one. Of some of those I raced on, Brands Hatch is a rollercoaster; Silverstone is a high-speed rush; Mallory Park is straightforward on paper but really difficult to get right; Snetterton has its challenges; Knockhill I only raced at once but it is difficult to beat the local heroes who go every week; Thruxton is a high-speed thrill; and Oulton Park is impressive with the elevation changes.

I won in every formula I raced in with the exception of British Touring Cars in 1990. Touring Car racing is a special skill I hadn’t developed, and I was contracted to do two races but thankfully I broke my leg and didn’t have to do the second one! I also had one attempt at Le Mans with Jaguar, which we won but were disqualified a week later so I didn’t get to be in the record books.

Racing in F1 was fantastic and to be at the highest level driving those cars is incredible, but it is such a pressure-driven political environment that it is actually quite difficult to just put your feet up and reflect. We only had 15 or 16 races each year back then, but we did a lot of testing so even when you won a Grand Prix you were rushing to get home because on Monday night you were then flying to the next three-day test. It was just relentless.

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