Electric Bambino: What do you need to know?

Friday 24 November 2023

From 2024 the Motorsport UK Bambino Owner Driver Karting category will debut a new class of kart, the Motorsport UK Electric Bambino class. Competitors will be able to use a brand-new MightE electric power unit, using an electrified powertrain similar in performance to the current petrol-engined Comer C50s but with minimal maintenance and running costs.

So what do you need to know if you are thinking of getting involved in Electric Bambino?

What is Bambino karting?

  • Bambino is a category of karting open to 6 – 8 year old children.
  • It is an owner-driver category: competitors can purchase or loan and run their own karts.
  • Bambino was created as a direct response to parents whose children wanted to experience karting from a young age. It is an opportunity to try karting in a cost-controlled environment.
  • In 2024 there will be two Bambino Classes on offer – the new MightE electric powertrain Class and the existing Comer C50 petrol-engined Class, which begins its phase-out period next year until 2025.

What is Electric Bambino?

  • In line with its Sustainability policy, Motorsport UK sees the future of Bambino as electric.
  • The outgoing Comer C50 petrol engine will remain eligible for use at Bambino events nationwide during a transitional period from the 2024 season, to be reviewed in 2025.

What licence do I need?

To compete you will need to pass a simple test, called an ARKS test, which involves a short driving assessment and answering some questions about karting, such as the flag signals. You will also need an Interclub (Bambino Race) licence. See below for how to register:

Where can I race Electric Bambino?

There are a wide range of events, including a dedicated Championship run by Champions Kart Club  and a special meeting at the British Kart Championship  in 2024.

Who are MightE?

MightE is a leading innovator in the field of electric powertrains for karting, dedicated to revolutionising the motorsport industry. With a strong focus on performance, reliability and affordability, MightE has developed a cutting-edge electric powertrain solution specifically tailored for the Bambino Category.
Its aim is to enhance the customer experience, promote wider participation and pave the way for open-entry grassroots level motorsport classes.

And what are the advantages of running Electric Bambino?

  • Run time :

Up to 60 minutes high-performance run time for a minimum of 500 cycles

  • Simplified technical requirements :

Reduction of barriers to entry through cost levelling, maintenance reduction and technical competency threshold of competitors.

  • Charging:

The batteries are charged via a standard domestic power supply (UK), either on the kart (immobilised) or removed.

  • Safety:

Safe working voltage: the system voltage will remain below 60V in all situations, including fault conditions.
Accident damage: The battery installation on the kart chassis is capable of withstanding a minimum 30g impact in X, Y or Z axis without electrical or mechanical damage to the pack or failure of its mountings
Appropriate safety manual cut-off/isolation switch in an easily accessible position

  • Warranty:

12 Month Warranty: All Powertrains come with a 12-month no-quibble warranty.

Can a current petrol-engined kart be modified into an electrified kart?

Yes. MightE has engineered a powertrain that seamlessly integrates with any current Motorsport UK-registered Bambino chassis.

Is the electric powertrain safe?

Safety is of paramount importance, and MightE has implemented a range of safety features to protect drivers, spectators and marshals. From easily accessible emergency stop buttons to optional visual displays indicating the kart’s state and fault code notifications, no stone is unturned in ensuring a secure karting environment. The system controller constantly monitors vital parameters such as motor RPM, power output, battery voltage, and temperature, providing real-time data and enabling effective performance analysis.
The powertrain system comprises meticulously designed components, including a high-performance BLDC permanent magnet inner rotor motor, a state-of-the-art system controller, a reliable battery with an advanced battery management system, and all the necessary wiring harnesses and connectors.

What support could I expect from MightE?

MightE’s commitment extends beyond the track. It offers comprehensive support services, including a 12-month warranty on all drivetrain components, strategically positioned service centres for quick and efficient assistance, and remote support available seven days a week.
Its extensive inventory of spare parts ensures minimal downtime, and prompt shipping ensures next-day delivery for urgent requirements.

And what about cost? Will the electric powertrain be more expensive?

We expect that ongoing running and maintenance costs will be significantly reduced, close to zero for electric, thus presenting an economical and sustainable solution for karting enthusiasts.

Where can I see the MightE equipment:

What about the existing Comer engine?

The current Comer C50 engine begins a phase out period from 2024.
It may still be used for events until at least 2025.