Fire Extinguisher Regulation Reminder

Thursday 17 February 2022

Competitors are reminded that fire extinguisher regulations have been updated. Plumbed-in extinguishers that are required by discipline-specific regulations must now be a FIA homologated system.

For disciplines where a handheld extinguisher is required, the minimum capacity has increased to 2.4 litres for AFFF, although gas and powder extinguishers are also acceptable with a 2kg minimum capacity.

All fire extinguisher systems that comply with regulations found in sections (K) 3.1-3.3.3 of the 2022 Motorsport UK yearbook can be found on Technical List No.52. 

Fire Extinguisher FAQs 

What is the minimum capacity? 

The minimum capacity for a fire extinguisher system will be defined by the individual system’s FIA homologation, so please ensure that you check the FIA homologation to confirm the system’s capacity. However, competitors should note that for rallying, there will be a minimum capacity of 3kg for gas systems.  

How many nozzles should my fire extinguisher have? 

The nozzles and their locations will be specified in the system’s FIA homologation, but please note that fire extinguishers used for Stage Rallying will always have nozzles in both passenger compartment and the engine bay.  

What about my fire extinguisher’s homologation end date? 

FIA homologated fire extinguisher systems can continue to be used beyond the ‘homologation end date’ for as long as the competitor maintains the manufacturer’s service schedule. 

If you have any questions regarding fire extinguishers, please contact: