Girls on Track UK reaches 5,000 members

Tuesday 09 November 2021

Entering the inherently competitive world of motorsport may seem daunting at first – be that professionally or personally.

Where to start your journey is always a question on people’s minds.

For women who are striving to enter motorsport, a helpful first step to consider is joining the Girls on Track UK Facebook group.

First established five years ago, the group has recently reached the 5,000 member milestone.

The Girls on Track programme is a joint initiative between the FIA and Motorsport UK. It unites Susie Wolff’s ‘Dare to be Different’ initiative (founded in 2016) with the FIA’s ‘Girls on Track’ programme (founded in 2019) – and Motorsport UK joined forces with the FIA in this project, creating ‘Girls on Track UK’.

Within the Girls on Track UK Facebook group women who have an interest in motorsport will find a kind, inclusive and uplifting culture. They can learn about motorsport, discover upcoming events and encourage each other as they spearhead their own respective journeys – building their network and broadening their horizons.

Those journeys can lead to real outcomes for the careers of women in motorsport. From becoming a Formula 1 presenter, to becoming Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrain’s first ever Academy Performance Coach, to managing social media for one of Britain’s excellent car clubs – journeys like these started within our Girls on Track UK Facebook group.

Initiatives like Girls on Track UK are central in Motorsport UK’s strategy to promote accessibility and diversity across our sport. We are proud to see the group reach 5,000 members and look forward to witnessing more success stories in the future.

To join our Girls on Track UK Facebook group, click here

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