Inside Revolution: A Question of Governance

Friday 01 December 2023

The Motorsport UK Committees are central to the running of our sport, but how do they work? Find out in this article from November’s edition of Revolution.

Revolution is available online, as a PDF download and on the Revolution app (for both iOS and Android devices). 

As motorsport’s national governing body, recognised by the FIA as the official ASN for the UK, Motorsport UK is charged with the management and development of the sport in a safe and fair manner. At the heart of its governance lies the committee structure designed to ensure that there is a balanced development of ideas and proposals. 

Motorsport UK Committees are responsible for developing, evaluating, and amending rules and regulations with regards to their respective areas of expertise. The Committees comprise of existing competitors, volunteer officials and marshals, administrators, all of whom are experts in their respective areas. These people are motorsport enthusiasts and professionals, drawn from clubs, teams, and manufacturers – in fact the widest possible cross section of our sport. They all kindly give their time and energy to help ensure that we all benefit from a safer, better managed sport, with fair play at its heart. In total over 250 people sit on the wide diversity of committees, subcommittees, and advisory groups.

All regulations proposed by the Specialist Committees (see list below) come before the Rules Committee for debate and ratification. However, before they reach the Committee, regulations are usually subject to a consultation process that gives the motorsport community an opportunity to provide feedback. Further information on his process is available HERE, and members can sign-up for notifications of rule changes. 

Consultation is considered by the Specialist Committees and regulation changes are often revised post-consultation before being presented to the Motorsport UK Board. 

Occasionally, regulation changes can be implemented without consultation in matters of urgent safety or for clarification purposes or following recommendations from the Rules Committee to The Board. 

  • Motorsport UK Board
  • Rules Committee
  • Motor Sports Council
  • National Court

Discipline Committees

  • Autotest Discipline Committee
  • Cross Country Discipline Committee
  • Esports Discipline Committee
  • Historic Discipline Committee
  • Kart Discipline Committee
  • Race Discipline Committee
  • Rallies Discipline Committee
  • Speed Events Discipline Committee
  • Trials Discipline Committee

Cross-discipline Committees

  • Judicial Committee
  • Medical Committee
  • Regional Committee
  • Safety Committee
  • Technical Committee
  • Timekeeping Committee
  • Volunteers & Officials Committee


  • Autocross & Rallycross Sub Committee
  • Dragster Sub Committee
  • Medical Expert Group
  • Sprint & Hill Climbs Sub Committee
  • Kart Technical Sub Committee
  • Young Officials Sub Committee

Working Groups

  • Clerk’s & Steward’s Working Group
  • Marshal’s Working Group
  • Scrutineer’s Working Group
  • Rescue & Recovery Working Group
  • Training Working Group


  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committee
  • Disability & Accessibility Expert Committee
  • LGBTQ+ Expert Committee
  • Racial Diversity Expert Committee
  • Women in Motorsport Expert Committee
  • Sustainability Advisory Committee

Every year we invite applications to join this community, as some committee members retire, creating opportunities for fresh thinking and perspectives. If you would like to get involved in creating the future of motorsport and feel you could contribute your experience, please contact

Read more and meet some of the Motorsport UK Committee members in this month’s edition of Revolution