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Tuesday 21 February 2023

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Whether you are racing on track, rallying on gravel, or waiting for the lights to go green on a quarter mile drag strip, your safety and success depends much on your equipment as your inputs from the drivers’ seat or the co-driver’s directions from the other side of the cockpit.

Lifing in the context of Motorsport UK National Competition Regulations applies to key safety items such as seats and harnesses. It also has consequences for items that degrade over time, such as fire extinguishers. The construction and safety credentials of helmets and race suits are continually managed by the introduction of new standards and any manufacturers guidelines on care and maintenance must be carefully followed. For further background on equipment lifing, see Revolution June 2021 HERE.

Key safety devices such as seats, harnesses and helmets are guided by official standards. The regulations concerning these items are reviewed and updated as technology advances and, occasionally, in response to incidents or changes to other regulations within the sport. While there were some temporary extensions to the ‘life’ of some equipment during the COVID pandemic, these have now expired, and the guidance detailed below applies.

As with any purchase of safety equipment, the recommendation is to ‘invest in the best you can afford’. With the updates to safety testing and regulations now in effect, increasing the initial purchase to a higher level of safety standard can, in some cases, double the competitive length of time (life) for that item of equipment – therefore avoiding further and more frequent expenditure in the future.

Motorsport UK only applies lifing, in relation to homologation standards – to a select few areas of safety equipment – predominately seats and harnesses. If a championship wishes to run to FIA Regulations, then that would take precent, but for championships run to Motorsport UK regulations, the following apply.

Motorsport UK is aware of, and acknowledges that, some competitors are either unsure of the validity of their current equipment or would benefit from the following advice when choosing or updating their safety equipment.

The following Motorsport UK extensions only apply to events run under Motorsport UK regulations, and competitors who are competing internationally, or under FIA regulations are advised to check with the event organisers as not all countries use the same extension policy.

Competitors are also advised to refer to their Championship and Specific Regulations as clubs and organisers can mandate safety equipment beyond the minimum requirements set out in the Motorsport UK Yearbook.

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