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Monday 12 June 2023

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A Motorsport UK Licence opens the door to a huge range of adventures on the road, rally stages and circuits around the country – and getting one is a quick and easy process.

To enter grassroots Club motorsport events – such as AutoSOLOs, Production Car Autotests (PCAs) and Trials – all you need is an RS Clubman Licence, which is completely free. For wider-reaching events, you may require a higher grade of Licence and, in some cases, proof of relevant experience. This can be a little confusing, so it is important to understand which you need before applying.

The Motorsport UK Yearbook offers general guidance on licence requirements for each discipline, but it is always a good idea to check with the organiser of the event that you wish to enter or take part in if you are unsure.

The majority of Licences can be applied for online or through the post, by completing all the relevant sections of the application form, supplying a passport type photograph, and paying any fees required. In some cases, a Starter Pack and a relevant test is required. Licences will be dispatched within 15 days by post, 10 online, or even faster if an additional fee is paid.

Unless rendered invalid, all Licences run from 1st of January to the end of the calendar year. They also provide access to this magazine, and a whole host of other member benefits. Here is a rundown of the different categories you can apply for.

Karting Licences

The digital K-I  licence is required for the British Indoor Karting Championship  and the digital RS Clubman licence is valid for Club100 and Total Karting Zero Events. For both licences applicants  are not required to purchase a Starter Pack or take an ARKS test.

With an RS Clubman licence, competitors can also compete in the new Kart Club permitted events, which featured in the April edition of Revolution. These events are valid at specific tracks or clubs. Licences can also be applied for without purchasing a Starter Pack, but require an ARKS written test to be passed before competing.

For those under 18 applying for a Kart licence, the parent or legal guardian must also apply for an Entrant PG licence by completing section 2B of the application form.

RS Clubman

Introduced in 2019, the RS Clubman Licence is designed to make it easy to participate in entry level motorsport. It is completely free and provides the same £100M public liability insurance on Motorsport UK permitted events as any other Licence, along with a range of member discounts aimed at offsetting the cost of competing.

The licence can be stored and accessed at any time on any type of device and opens up the opportunity to have a go in Autotests and AutoSOLOs, Trials and Cross Country, Road, Navigational and 12 Car Rallies and many more events.

The only two requirements are that you are medically fit to compete, and that you are a British citizen. If you do not meet these criteria, you can still apply by contacting the Membership Services team (see end of article) and providing additional information.

Enhanced RS Clubman

Members can choose to upgrade when applying for an RS Clubman licence at a cost of £19.99. For this, you receive enhanced benefits including a physical and personalised licence card, lanyard and card holder, a car sticker and enhanced member benefits including:

  • In-store discount at Halfords
  • A free fuel card with a discount on the pump price of both petrol and diesel
  • Free Tastecard
  • Up to £120 cash back on road tyre purchases with Pirelli
  • Discounted MOTs, competition tyres, Wera Tools and many more savings

National Licence

To extend your competition beyond your local club, you will need to apply for a form of National Licence. There are a number of different levels for these, with categories split into Race, Stage Rally, Kart and RS. The Licence types are:


  • Race National / Race National Truck – £167
  • Race Club (formerly Race Inter Club) – £104


  • Kart National – £97
  • Kart Inter Club – £64
  • Kart Clubman – £45

Stage Rally

  • RS National Stage Rally – £167
  • RS National Navigator – £108
  • RS Inter Club Stage Rally / Junior – £104


  • RS National / Drag – £160
  • RS Inter Club – £74

Any first-time competitor making an application must obtain the discipline-relevant Starter Pack, fill in the enclosed standard Competition Licence Application Form and complete an approved ARDS (Race), BARS (Stage Rally) or ARKS (Kart) test. Certain applicants also require a Vision or Medical Report, and guidance for this is included on the application form.

It is possible to hold more than one category of Licence and if applying at the same time any additional licences are charged at a 50 per cent fee (full fee for the most expensive).

International Licence

Those wanting to compete within UK and Overseas International Permitted events, will require an International Licence. These also apply to the 50 per cent fee reduction for multiple same-time applications and the licence types are:

  • Race International ITA – £1,350
  • Race International ITB – £490
  • Race International ITC / Truck / ITD – £240
  • Kart International ITE/ITF/ITG – £165
  • Rally International ITD-R – £250
  • Speed International ITD-R – £240
  • Drag International IT DR – £240
  • Cross Country International ITC-R – £240
  • Off Road International ITC-R – £240

In some cases, no further qualifications are required to enable an upgrade from National to International Licences. However, proof of participation through Clerk of the Course signatures may be required. Pages 132-135 of the Motorsport UK Yearbook provide specific details on a category-by-category basis.

To apply for or renew an RS Clubman Licence visit

To apply for any other form of Licence visit

For further information, please contact a member of the Motorsport UK Membership Services Team on 01753 765 050.

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