Inside Revolution: Vintage Bentley’s first win with synthetic fuel

Thursday 29 June 2023

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Last month, 21 Vintage Bentleys lined up at the Castle Combe Circuit to fight for the spoils over two 20-minute races. Both race victories were taken by William Medcalf, in a 3/4 ½ Litre consignment car. After setting the fastest time of the day in qualifying, Medcalf crossed the line powered by 100 per cent synthetic fuel. 

The initial mission was to complete a series of tests to verify that Vintage Bentley could be confident on both performance and validity of its new synthetic fuel partner P1 Performance Fuel. The results of P1 compared to standard E5 fuel proved successful across the board. Test tube product mixing demonstrated zero change or erosion in comparison, while diagnostics from a full rolling road dynamometer test indicated increased and simultaneous performance to torque and air fuel ratio in addition to power runs. 

At Goodwood’s 80th Members’ Meeting Vintage Bentley entered the first three Bentleys to ever compete on synthetic fuel, with all three finishing the Trofeo Nuvolari. 

Vintage Bentley has shown that with synthetic fuel, such as P1 Fuel, it can test, compete, and win on the classic motorsport stage. 

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