Member Survey: Calling all members of Motorsport UK

Thursday 01 September 2022

Motorsport UK is carrying out a survey amongst all our members to capture the views of the community across the country.

The survey is designed to gather members’ input on a huge range of topics, from customer service, technical support, help with regulations, safeguarding and communications, as well as our approach to equality, diversity and inclusion.

The results of this survey will provide Motorsport UK with essential feedback to provide improved support of the community and to help shape our plans for the future of the sport.

Click here to complete the survey.

“Our stated mission is to secure the long term sustainability of motorsport in the UK, and to achieve that we need feedback from the community and to take action based on that response,” commented Hugh Chambers, Chief Executive Officer at Motorsport UK. “We are looking forward to hearing from our members on the subjects that are most important to them, the service the organisation provides and gathering insights from the community to understand how we can better support motorsport across the UK.”

The survey will run from Thursday 1 September through to midnight on Friday 16 September.

Any queries regarding the survey should be directed to