Message to Community; Vehicle Tampering

Tuesday 01 March 2022

Motorsport UK has received reports of vehicle tampering at certain race events – in other words cars have been interfered with overnight while parked in paddocks at Events. The degree of tampering has varied but has included damage to suspension and alteration of suspension settings. Fortunately, no incident or injury occurred as a consequence of these illegal dangerous actions.

The risks associated with such tampering include the possibility of causing a serious injury or fatality to competitor(s) or marshal or spectator, while vehicle damage would be actionable and or separately criminal conduct.

If such injury or fatality consequences were to occur then the perpetrator would potentially face charges of manslaughter, murder or attempted murder.

At a motorsport regulatory level, any such alleged perpetrator will be the subject of an immediate withdrawal / suspension of competition licence (NCRs A., H.3.1.2 and H.6) and referral to the National Court with a view to Motorsport UK seeking, on conviction of a breach of C.1.1.3 and or C.1.1.4, a permanent exclusion from the sport on a global basis. The matter will be reported to the Police.

All Competitors are reminded that they are responsible not only for their own actions but also those of any person connected to their Entry – i.e mechanics, helpers etc. Accordingly, while  a person connected to an Entry may be directly culpable, it will always be the Competitor who is responsible.

Any person aware of any attempted or actual tampering must report the matter to the Organisers of the Event via the Clerk of the Course and notify Motorsport UK direct to Regulatory Counsel as follows: and or 07990 079001.