Moffatt edges Ernest Owen Car Trial win

Tuesday 29 September 2020

Motorsport UK British Car Trial Championship: Ernest Owen Car Trial

Trevor Moffatt won the Ernest Owen car trial by the narrowest margins from Mark Hoppe. Moffatt dominated the new car class all day to open up a fifteen point class lead over Nick Pollitt, despite hitting a seven post.

Meanwhile in the rear wheel drive class first round winner Dick Glossop was initially off the pace but managed to claw back to second place, but couldn’t beat Mark Hoppe who finished second overall by the closest margin, ruing a two on the last hill. Lunch saw a three way tie with Hoppe, Barrie Parker and Steve Courts in the class but expert afternoons by Hoppe and Glossop claimed top class positions.

Alastair Moffatt arrived with younger brothers (John) from championship winning Nova and showed everyone a clean pair of tracks to lead the front wheel drive class all day to gain an eight point win over Gary Preston and Rupert North a further four points behind.

Uniquely no cars were double driven in the whole entry, and Charlie Knifton won the specials class in his classic trials VW Buggy.  

Ernest Owen Car Trial Results

  1. Trevor Moffatt, Vauxhall Corsa, 70.89%
  2. Mark Hoppe, Dutton Melos, 70.92%
  3. Alastair Moffatt, Vauxhall Nova, 77.9%
  4. Nick Pollitt, Nissan Micra, 85.1%
  5. Gary Preston, Fiat 127, 97.4%
  6. Dick Glossop, Liege SS, 99.3%
  7. Rupert North, Rover Mini, 106.1%
  8. Kevin Roberts, Dutton Phaeton, 124.1%
  9. John Wadsworth, Ford KA, 124.8%
  10. Barrie Parker, Westfield SEI, 134.8%