Motorsport UK trains up for Coaching Week

Monday 05 June 2023

‘Duty to Care: The Foundation of Great Coaching’ is the theme of this year’s UK Coaching Week (5-11 June), which Motorsport UK are proud to celebrate with our new ‘Certificate in Coaching Motorsport’ Level 2 qualification.

Duty to care goes beyond just safeguarding and is a critical factor in maintaining the mental health and wellbeing of all those being coached. By providing the appropriate support and care within a safe environment, participants can thrive and will be more encouraged to engage in lifelong participation in a sport.

Our Level 2 course, designed in collaboration with UK Coaching and 1st4sport Qualifications, is open to anyone supporting and developing a driver at any stage of their career and sets the standard for coaching in motorsport – providing both personalised and collaborative experiences to develop and support coach learning, using a blend of face-to-face and online videos and workshops as well as practical observation and expert insights. 

It covers technical, tactical, physical and mental skills as well as the underpinning coaching principles drawn from best practice within the sporting industry.

Some of these principles include the six key pillars that are fundamental to delivering great coaching experiences: Diversity, Inclusion, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Physical Wellbeing, Safeguarding and Safe to Practice.

Those who complete the Level 2 course will then be eligible to apply for a Coach License, which comes with a number of benefits.

Alongside the Level 2 course, Motorsport UK will also be launching the Accelerator Award in the next couple of weeks, which is designed to support people to get involved in motorsport activities either at a club or an event generally within the motorsport community. It’s for anyone with an enthusiasm for the sport – whether an aspiring coach, parent, club co-ordinator or volunteer. The online course will develop your skills and improve understanding to help you facilitate fun and inclusive motorsport events and environments.

These courses make up the Motorsport UK Coaching Pathway

To learn more about coaching and how to get involved, click here.