Nathalie McGloin rally track day

Tuesday 24 August 2021

Ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, five young amputees joined ParalympicsGB sprinter and gold medallist Jonnie Peacock at Blade Camp, a training programme designed to help children embrace their prosthetics and unleash their sporting potential by learning to run 100 metres. As a reward for their hard work, Jonnie asked Nathalie McGloin, Chair of Motorsport UK’s Disability and Accessibility Sub-Committee, to inspire the children and reinforce the message that anything is possible by driving them around a stage at a special rally track day.

Nathalie, the inaugural President of the FIA Disability and Accessibility Commission, was paralysed in a road accident aged just 16 and is the only female tetraplegic racing driver in the world. When Nathalie started her motorsport career, she became the first female with a spinal injury to be granted a racing licence in the UK, and in 2019, the first-ever female disabled rally driver. She has been a passionate and dedicated advocate for disabled motorsport competitors since she started racing in 2015, helping to break down barriers that obstruct full and effective participation.

In episode one of Blade Camp, Nathalie developed a close bond with Liv, a courageous young girl who lost her leg three years ago, aged 10, after a drunk driver hit the family car. Nathalie and Liv lost their legs in similar circumstances, and the anniversary of their accidents is on the same day.

At the end of the rally experience, the children shared what message they would take away from their time with Nathalie. Here’s what some of them had to say:

  • “The lesson I can take away from this is that I can do anything”
  • “I like speed because I can’t go fast on my own legs”
  • “Meeting Nathalie has motivated me to get on and not to let anything stop me”
  • “I think disabled people can do the same as abled people”

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