Out in the Field: 18th July 2022

Monday 18 July 2022

In this week’s Out in the Field we take a look at Shroud and District Motor Club’s Summer and Ladies Trial, the 63 Car Club’s Speyside Trial, Lancashire Car Club’s Coast to Coast Classic Car Run and throwback to some events in the weeks prior.

Wide variety of cars tackle Shroud & District Motor Club’s Summer & Ladies Trial

The Stroud & District Motor Club held their annual Summer & Ladies Car Trial on Sunday 10 July. A total of 31 competitors attempted the seven challenging sections over four rounds on a very warm day. The trial attracted a wide variety of cars including Citroen Saxos, Ford Escorts & Anglias, VW Beetles, Marlin Roadster Kit Cars and Troll trials specials.

It was a highly competitive event with many hills cleaned, resulting in lots of low scores at the end of the day! Also running during the same event was the Ladies Trial, which is the club’s way of encouraging women’s participation in the sport, with one of the club’s major awards for the year awarded to the best female driver in the event.

For more information about Stroud & District Motor Club and our events, please visit website https://stroudanddistrictmotorclub.co.uk/

35 vehicles take on the 155 mile, Tour of Speyside

On Sunday 17 July, the 63 Car Club in Elgin held the Tour of Speyside.

Thirty-five starters left the Market Cafe Huntly to tackle 155 miles of Speyside’s roads. The cars used a mix of popular tour routes and scenic spots. Equipped with a map and tulip road book the navigators were as involved as the drivers.

It was a wet start for the first leg but by the lunch halt it was a dry and a hot afternoon. The cars ranged from classic MINI’s, MGs and a Jaguar, to the popular escorts and modern classics such as Golf GTi and Impreza and some modern MINI’s and Fiesta’s.

This was the fourth running of the tour and will continue to run every second year .

Coast to Coast Classic Car Run – Lancashire Automobile Club

The Lancashire Automobile Club had a capacity filled Touring Assembly during the Coast to Coast Classic Car Run. The event started at the Midland Hotel in Morecambe and finished at Dunsley Hall in Sansend near Whitby. A simple Concours De Elegance was judged by the Mayor of Scarborough at the finish line where a buffet was also served to all the entrants.

The route was 160 miles with instructions using both simple ‘tulip diagrams’ as well as written instructions. All entrants received a route book that provided them with full directions as well as interesting facts about places along the route and a Rally Plate. All of the entrants that took part in the concours also received commemorative medals and awards for both Mayors choice and President’s award.

Stainby Trial – Peak and Dukeries LRC

The Peak and Dukeries Land Rover Club held the Stainby Trial, welcoming 19 entries. Three of the entrants rolled their Land Rovers, all coming out unscathed with a unique story to tell.

The event had visitors from Cumbria, Lincolnshire, Buxton & District, and the Pennines.

The club received positive feedback from the event with Ben Parks – a competitor stating, “[I] don’t normally get adrenaline trialling!” and Ian (Clerk of the Course) said that it was a “full and enjoyable weekend, everyone enjoyed, first time setting out a two-day CCV, it was tough!”

To find out more information on how to get started in trialling, be sure to visit our website.

June Autotest – Camel Vale Motor Club

Camel Vale Motor Club held their June Autotest which was a great success and promotion of motorsport for young people. There were 11 entries for the Autotest and two entries for the production car Autotest (PCA). The PCA was run for 14-18 year olds to get their first taste of motorsport, however in the past the Camel Vale Motor Club has opened up the PCA for anyone that was doing their first event. So it doesn’t matter the age, be sure to give Autotests a go yourself.

To find out more information about StreetCar and Autotest, please visit the StreetCar website – https://www.streetcarmotorsportuk.com/.

Crackington Car Trial – Holsworthy Motor Club

Holsworthy Motor Club held the Crackington Car Trial late last week where they had six sections go off before lunch and six sections after. There were 15 competitors in total with mostly Autotest cars and one road trial car. Holsworthy Motor Club were pleased they could have a dry event as the weather held off and throughout the day there were “smiles and lots of enjoyment [and] altogether the feedback [the club] got back was [that it was] an enjoyable event and good for all capabilities.”

The Holsworthy Motor Club have some upcoming events so be sure to check them out on their website here and to find out how to get started visit our website.

The Club will be holding an Autotest and Production Car Trial on 30th and 31st July as well as a testing trial on the 28th August and the Taw & Torridge on the 18th September.