Out in the field; Touring Assemblies in abundance

Monday 20 June 2022

The hot weather may have faded over the weekend, but the enthusiasm the motorsport community felt over our grassroots events burned as brightly as ever.

With over 100 grassroots events on at the weekend, we look at small snippet of Touring Assemblies across the UK and Historic Rallying, two Motorsport UK StreetCar disciplines.

Find out more about all StreetCar disciplines here – https://www.streetcarmotorsportuk.com/.

TR Register Youth Cotswold Tour

The TR Register took a ride along the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside in the Youth Cotswold Tour. The event started at “UE Coffee Roasters” in Witney, Oxfordshire. Once all entrants had arrived at the starting point, names were drawn out of a hat for the starting order and the cars were given staggered start times with 10-minute intervals.

Each entrant received destination cards five minutes before their allocated time slot which allowed the entrants to plan their route before setting off. The finish line was the Cotswolds Airport Café which is just outside the village of Kemble.

There was a massive array of 747s of historic fighter planes at the café which TR drivers admired whilst in their very own piece of engineering history.

From the Peaks to the Beach

It wasn’t quite beach weather, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of the TVR Car Club, who braved the rain this weekend as they held their ‘From the Peaks to the Beach’ Touring Assembly.

Two events in one, competitors took in the Peak District and seafront in Cheshire. The first of the events was the ‘Thrills in the Hills’ which started at Hassop Station in Bakewell, travelling through the Peak District Roads. On Sunday the TVRCC packed their buckets and spades and headed to the beach for ‘Rebels on the Seafront’. Starting at Nantwich, the Touring Assembly drove through the best roads that North Wales has to offer and finished off at Rhyl seafront.

East Anglian Classic Historic Run

The East Anglian Classic Historic Run, held by the Chelmsford Motor Club gave its members an exciting weekend. The Historic Rally was held in support of Essex Air Ambulance, featuring 48 classic cars that came through the village at minute intervals.

The route came from Great Barton, down The Street, left into Fen Road, left again to continue on Fen Road towards Grimstone End, turning right up Baileypool Road with a validation point with stewards along Baileypool Road.

“It was great to just stop for an hour on a Saturday morning and pass some time with my neighbours,” said Jeremy Perkins, a participant on the event.