Q&A – Recently Announced Permit Changes

Thursday 28 November 2019

Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions to help clubs and event organisers understand these changes. We will also be publishing a more detailed Q&A on our resource centre.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Competitions and Clubs team at competitionsandclubs@motorsportuk.org

The simplification of the permit structure, and introduction of the RS Clubman licence are one element of Motorsport UK’s new Investment Strategy, introduced to safeguard the future of the sport following a long consultation with members and clubs. More information on this can be found here.

A more detailed Q&A for event deliverers is available here.

What is Motorsport UK trying to achieve with these changes, and why now?

Above all, we want to inspire and enable more people to participate in our sport in a safe, fair, fun, inclusive and progressive environment.

The investment strategy and restructuring of permits and licences aims to create a sustainable future for our sport and address a number of fundamental risks which are causing a decline in membership numbers, particularly at grass roots level. This includes a lack of investment in grass roots motorsport, to help clubs grow their membership

How do the permit changes and new RS Clubman licence benefit the sport?

The simplified permit and licence structure aims to create a more accessible and easier to understand route into the sport for new competitors.

Permit cost increases cater for enhanced personal accident and public liability insurance, and allow more investment into the grass roots of the sport to help clubs grow their membership and encourage greater participation in motorsport.

The RS Clubman licence will not only allow us to understand who is competing with our insurance – which is a requirement – but it will allow us to engage with grass roots competitors and encourage repeat participation to create a closer relationship with the sport.

The RS Clubman licence will enable all grass roots competitors to benefit from our comprehensive Member Benefits scheme, which can save you hundreds of pounds on motorsport and general motoring costs every year. For more details on our Member Benefits Scheme click here.

Why are permit costs going up for clubs?

Over the last 20 years or so Motorsport UK clubs have benefitted from a relatively stable insurance market. For 9 of these years the permit insurance per capita remained static. Unfortunately the motorsport insurance market has now changed and we have had to renegotiate our cover, which accounts for the majority of the change in price. For example, public liability insurance cover for clubs has now been increased to £100million. There has also been an enhancement to personal accident insurance for members.

Why has the price increase been a flat one across all permits?

Permits are increasing by a flat fee of £5 across all events.

At a grass roots level, this can represent a higher proportionate increase. With the introduction of the free RS Clubman licence – for which many people pay in the existing equivalent licence type – the financial contribution from the competitor will be made via permits, representing a shift to a ‘pay-as-you-play’ system.
In general the shift better reflects a fair differential between the various permit tiers

What new financial benefits are there for members in 2020?

We always listen to the feedback we receive from members and look to develop commercial partnerships and benefits that will help everyone in the sport. Thus, in 2020, we are extending member benefits to include reduced cost fuel, reduced cost tyres, free eye tests, discounts at Halfords, reduced insurance premiums and many more money saving deals.

In addition, if you are racing and over 45 you no longer need to have an annual medical until you are 60, thus saving you on average £100 per year.

Your personal accident insurance cover has improved substantially to offer you peace of mind, and everyone in the sport is now covered by a £100m public liability provision.

And if you enjoy track days, then up to five days a year are covered for personal accident insurance included with your licence.

Have Motorsport UK members been consulted on this?

Yes. We’ve done a lot of surveying and gathering feedback from clubs and members over the last year to understand where we should focus our efforts and investments.

The changes are a direct result of the feedback received and everyone’s wish to help ensure a sustainable future for the sport.

How do I know what type of permit to get, or which licence is required to enter?

Chart 26 in the 2020 yearbook outlines the new minimum licence requirement for different types of event – also available here.

We will send specific licence information to each member on 18th November telling them what their new licence type(s) will be.

Do I need to change my event SR’s (supplementary regulations) to include the revised eligibility/event types/licence types?

Yes. You need to update the eligibility section of your event SRs to reflect new minimum licence eligibilities. This will be published in the Yearbook from 1st December and is available on the Motorsport UK website here.

What are the benefits to having an RS Clubman licence?

RS Clubman licence holders will receive the full member benefits package including reduced cost fuel, reduced cost tyres, free eye tests, discounts at Halfords, reduced insurance premiums and many more money saving deals. For more information on member benefits click here.

Members will receive comprehensive Motorsport UK personal accident insurance for the Motorsport UK permitted events they take part in.

Will there be more admin at signing on?

The admin will only differ slightly. There will be a reduced size 2 page RS Clubman application form which includes personal details and a brief medical self-declaration. This can be submitted to Motorsport UK after the event.

Submitting a photo will not be a mandatory requirement for the RS Clubman licence.
The licence form can be completed and activated by club officials on the day of the event, if not already fulfilled.

Do all passengers require a RS Clubman licence? Why?

Passengers who are 18 years of age or older will require a licence at Motorsport UK permitted events.
Passengers will not require a licence if an event has a certificate of exemption.

Will having an RS Clubman licence negate the requirement to be a club member or a member of an invited club?

No. Competitors and passengers previously using their local club membership card alone will now need the new RS Clubman Licence along with their local club membership card. This only applies to Motorsport UK grass roots events run on a Clubman permit.

The new free RS Clubman licence will include comprehensive personal accident insurance and access to the Motorsport UK member benefits scheme. For more information click here.

Will the new RS Clubman continue to be a free licence in future?

Yes. There are no plans to introduce a charge for the RS Clubman licence in the coming years. The principal is that members pay as they play via their permit and so there is no intention to charge for the licence.