RAF Motor Sports Association Open Day at RAF Wittering

Thursday 28 October 2021

RAF Motor Sports Association organised an Open Day at RAF Wittering, the home of RAF Military Transport, introducing RAF Personnel to the many motorsport opportunities available. This event marked the first occasion in the past three years that the association have been able to fully introduce all disciplines available to personnel, with this event and the main aim of the RAFMSA being to lower the barriers in motorsport to these individuals.

Gp Capt Brian Watson, RAFMSA Chair “RAFMSA are looking at how to maximise opportunities for personnel to get involved, through development programs and eMotorsport training opportunities. The Open Day has allowed as to show RAF personnel that motorsports is accessible and increase awareness across the RAF. It has been a fantastic day that has allowed members to get back together and show the youngsters the variety they could be involved in.”

Gp Capt Brian Watson, RAFMSA Chair “The timing of this event was really good, it allowed us to gain enthusiasm for the upcoming season and has allowed each discipline to learn off each other’s achievements over the last few years”.

Squadron Leader Emma Lacey, RAFMSA Engagements Officer “There is something for everyone in motorsports, and we’ve been able to show our people the range of activities and different disciplines and support functions involved; like co-driving, mechanics, marshals and rescue teams. It’s been brilliant.”

Established in 1961, the RAF Motor Sports Association is the officially recognised body of the RAF that encourages participation in motorsport. Its members compete in several motorsport events at local, national and international levels.

Image credits: RAF Motor Sports Association