Road Safety Awareness Week starts

Monday 20 November 2023

Road Safety Awareness Week got underway on Sunday 19 November, with the week designed to raise awareness of the dangers of excess or inappropriate speed on the public highways. 

Believe it or not, but motorsport can actually help with some of the skills needed to stay safe on the road. Quick reactions can help motorists avoid risky situations, training them to make split-second decisions to move or change direction, put on the brakes or accelerate out of danger.   

An AutoSOLO or Autotest focusses on just these skills. Contested in a road car, competitors negotiate as quickly as possible a memorised, low-speed course without hitting any markers – it is all about car control. Drivers learn how to turn into tight corners, avoid obstacles and brake in a tight radius…all at low speed. Scale up into a road car and it’s a very useful skill to have. 

Targa Rallies, contested in a standard taxed and insured road car (with a valid MOT) plus a RS Clubman competition licence, can also deliver some useful techniques on how to control a car in slippery conditions. Targas combine the against-the-clock thrills of a Rally with the precision driving skills of an Autotest, with a twisty course set out and marked with cones on tarmac, but often on grass – or mud! Cars then navigate around the prescribed route, with the help of their navigator, meeting an average speed of 30mph – testing their technique!  

Both Targas and Autotests run by Motor Clubs are run under a Motorsport UK permit, ensuring that the events conform to safety and sporting regulations and competitors are covered by insurance.  

Do you fancy learning some new safety skills in a stimulating yet safe environment? Click here to find out how you can get started: