Statement: British Kart Championships

Monday 16 March 2020

Motorsport UK, the British Kart Championships and all associated stakeholders have collectively agreed to postpone the start of the 2020 season until 1 May at the earliest.

This action, which will be kept under constant review, has been taken due to guidance of the British Government and social responsibility to prevent the spread of the COVID19 virus between, officials, teams, competitors and their associated families.

The BKC has a contingent of minors competing and this gives further weight to postpone our events at this point.

As the governing body and the promoter, we have a responsibility to consider the impact that karting and motorsport has on the wider community. Motorsport UK is mindful of the strain on the medical community from events and will analyse the situation and monitor the progression closely.

The postponements include the opening two rounds of the Rotax category (21/22 March – PFI and 25/26 April – Mansell Raceway), opening round of the IAME category (18/19 April – PFI), opening round of the TKM/Honda classes (11/12 April – Fulbeck) and KZ2 championship (25/26 April – Mansell Raceway).

This decision has not been taken lightly, but the BKC must prioritise the health and well-being of competitors, staff and supporters while also acknowledging the Government’s efforts in tackling this outbreak.

We will be working with all the stakeholders in the coming weeks to seek alternative dates. We would like to thank everyone for their continued support. Further updates on these plans will be distributed as soon as possible.

This statement is supported in its entirety by:
Rotax/JAG, IAME UK, TKM/Tal-Ko, Russell Anderson (Honda), Paul Fletcher/PFI/TVKC, Mansell Raceway/Nigel Mansell, Fulbeck/LKRC and Vital Equipment