Students invited to spring into StreetCar: Motorsport in your everyday road car

Tuesday 09 April 2024

This month, Motorsport UK is celebrating aspiring drivers from within the UK’s student community, inviting them to sign up to StreetCar, the opportunity to try out a range of motorsport disciplines from behind the wheel of their own vehicle. 

StreetCar is the perfect opportunity for students to meet like-minded individuals as part of the UK’s grassroots motorsport community. The programme provides the opportunity to take part in a variety of disciplines, including Autotest, Rally and Trials and Cross Country events. From Treasure Hunts to Navigational Rally and Historic Rally events, all 12 disciplines can be enjoyed with a standard unmodified road car. 

To join costs as much as a tank of fuel! A free valid RS Clubman licence is required and the standard vehicle must be unmodified. 

Launched in 2022, StreetCar was created to demonstrate that motorsport is affordable and accessible to all, encouraging more people to get behind the wheel and enjoy the sport. There are now 67 clubs that are part of the StreetCar community across the country. 

Hugh Chambers, Chief Executive Officer at Motorsport UK, commented, “StreetCar is motorsports best kept secret. The 12 disciplines are affordable, can be enjoyed in any legal road going car, and there are events held across the UK throughout the year.” 

More information can be found on the dedicated StreetCar website, where students can join the online community and find their nearest car club to get started.