Making a significant contribution to the Road Safety agenda

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Road Safety

Motorsport UK is committed to ensuring that motorsport makes a significant contribution to the Road Safety agenda, both by raising awareness and by providing a legitimate outlet for enjoyable fun in a motor car.

Young males aged between 16 and 24 continue to be massively overrepresented in road accident and casualty statistics, and are notoriously difficult to reach with safety messages. Motorsport offers an exciting platform that can communicate key messages to these people, emphasising that there is a right time and place to drive competitively and it is not on the public highway.

By drawing attention to the safety features of competition cars, the regulations governing events and the absence of other road users, we can effect a change of mind-set in the young driver. We also see that high profile drivers can become excellent role models for responsible driving and have a great deal of credibility among the target demographic.

Motorsport UK is a keen supporter of the FIA’s international Action for Road Safety campaign, while many local motor clubs and associations work closely with their local authorities and emergency services to assist in the drive to reduce casualties on the country’s road network.