Vega selected as tyre supplier for Cadet Karting for 2024 and 2025 seasons

Monday 08 January 2024

Motorsport UK is pleased to confirm Vega will be the sole tyre supplier for slick and wet tyres for the Cadet Category of Karting for the 2024 and 2025 seasons, starting from April 2024.

Over the coming weeks Motorsport UK will engage with a cross-section of Cadet category stakeholders, including teams and class owners, to ensure the transition from current tyre supplier Dunlop to the Vega tyre is as seamless as possible.

Established over 40 years ago, Vega Tyres has won multiple World and European Championship Karting titles. With factories in Italy and France, tyres are made using the highest quality machinery and processes, including passing 200 laboratory tests checks as part of manufacturing, to assure racers of consistent compounds. Vega is the tyre used by the FFSA (French National Sporting Authority) for the Mini 60 Class and Cadet equivalent Class within France.

During testing, drivers and mechanics commented that the new tyres have shown performance comparable to the previous tyres while also providing increased levels of grip across various conditions.

In the UK Vega’s tyre importer is Andy Cox Racing Ltd who will be responsible for the distribution and sales of the Vega tyres for the Motorsport UK Cadet Classes. The first consignment of tyres will be available from 22 January 2024.

Dan Parker, Head of Karting, Motorsport UK, commented: “Vega tyres will offer a new competitive dimension to the Cadet category, which has produced many top line drivers over its history. Vega is committed to developing the tyre and investing in the future of Karting to keep this legacy going. We wish to extend our huge thanks to Dunlop, which has supplied the Dunlop Cadet tyre to the Cadet class for more than 30 years. Their contribution to the sport has been invaluable.”

Paolo Mantese, Vega CEO, commented: “For Vega it is fantastic to be part of Motorsport UK again. We will do our utmost to ensure the best product and the best service, for the benefit of young drivers and the growth of the sport.”

Jamie Green, former DTM driver and now kart team owner, commented: “Testing was carried out in a thorough fashion in all conditions and overall, the Vega tyre demonstrated that it is a good choice for the Cadet Classes.”

Will Green, IAME World Final winner, added: “I really enjoyed the feedback and the feel of the Vega slick tyre. It was very easy to drive.”