Victoria Prentis MP shows support for Motorsport UK’s Ukraine fundraiser

Saturday 17 June 2023

MP for North Oxfordshire, Victoria Prentis, showed support for Motorsport UK’s Ukraine ambulance fundraiser today at Bicester Flywheel, visiting Motorsport UK and the event.

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Motorsport UK launched the fundraising campaign last year in solidarity and support with the Federation Automobile d’Ukraine (FAU), the Ukrainian motorsport community and the Ukrainian people.

The fundraising campaign has so far raised £48,189 with a target of £60,000 required to purchase the vehicle.

Ms Prentis joined the Motorsport UK Chair and Dan Geoghegan, Bicester Heritage CEO, at the organisations stand at Bicester Flywheel where the Pinzgauer 6×6 armoured ambulance was displayed to visitors.

“Motorsport UK is a big deal in North Oxfordshire,” commented Ms Prentis. “We have welcomed a lot of Ukrainian visitors here [North Oxfordshire] and we’re very fond of them and want to support them and their country anyway we can.

“It’s been great to be here today to see the ambulance. It looks more like a tank than an ambulance, but it has to considering where it’s going. It’s great that Motorsport UK has organised this.”

Motorsport UK took immediate action on its position with Russian and Belarusian licence holders, latterly launching the fundraising campaign in May 2022, something that Ms Prentis was quick to highlight.

“Motorsport UK’s support for Ukraine has been unwavering, right from the beginning,” commented the North Oxfordshire MP. “I was in touch with David Richards during the first weekend and it was clear to me that Motorsport UK took early and decisive action. I wish other sports had been as clear and as comprehensive as Motorsport UK has been.”

As for her personal affiliation, Ms Prentis and her family were the first to welcome a Ukrainian refugee into their home when the war broke out.

“My daughter had lived in Kyiv so she knew a few people and was keen for us to help,” she commented. “Vika’s still living with us now. It’s been a great thing for our family. Many friends and colleagues have come over and are living with our friends and colleagues so we have a huge network of displaced Ukrainians.”

The vehicle will be on display at Bicester Flywheel on 18 June and Motorsport UK will be available to receive both cash and card donations and will invite donors to send messages of support and solidarity to the Ukrainian people.

Further donations can be made online at