Your chance to improve accessibility at venues

Tuesday 30 January 2024

Motorsport UK is working with Nimbus Disability and the Motorsport UK Disability and Accessibility committee to understand experiences of disabled people at motorsport venues, with the ultimate aim of removing as many barriers to participation as possible.

As part of this work we are launching a survey and running a series of focus groups to understand challenges disabled people face when at motorsport venues, in their capacity as a competitor, volunteer or as a spectator.

Focusing on the experiences of those with physical disabilities and also the neurodiverse motorsport community, we will use this information to work with our venues and offer advice and guidance to support access requirements.

We would like to hear from people with access requirements about both positive and negative experiences at our venues.

If you identify as disabled, or want to share a story on behalf of someone, please follow the link below to share the story. All of this information will be kept anonymous and we will only contact you further if you wish to get involved with our in person and virtual focus groups.

Fill in the survey here.

Please note that in this instance the research is based on your experience at permitted venues not as part of getting your license or the sporting side of events. These are also important workstreams that are being worked on beyond this project.