14-16 Years Old

AutoSOLO/Production Car Autotest

AutoSOLOs and Autotests are a great way to experience competitive motorsport on a budget. Drivers memorise and complete a course laid out in cones against the clock. Drivers can be as young as 14 and can compete in a standard road car.

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Car Trial

Trialling is all about how far you go rather than how fast you get there. At 14-years-old a child can get behind the wheel and take to the hills.

Junior Autocross & Rallycross

Autocross involves tackling a temporary course, usually between 800 and 1200 metres long in a grass or stubble field, against the clock.

Rallycross is a combination of circuit racing and rallying. Up to eight cars go wheel-to-wheel around a circuit that combines both tarmac and gravel.

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Junior Hill Climb & Sprint

Hill Climb and Sprinting are popular disciplines that see competitors complete a course against the clock. Children can get behind the wheel from 14-years-old at junior events.


At 14-years-old a child can passenger on classic, cross country, and sporting trials.


From 14-years-old a child can compete in junior race championships, such as Ginetta Junior, and from 15-years-old a child can compete in British F4.

Stage Rallying

The Formula 1000 Junior Rally Championship and the Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge allow those aged 14-17 to compete as a driver on stage rally events in cars up to one litre in capacity. From 14 children can also navigate on single-venue rallies.