16-18 Years Old


Autotests are an advanced version of AutoSOLOs. Young people can compete from 16-years-old.

Cross Country

At 17-years-old a young person can drive on off-road Safaris and Hill Rally events. They must also hold a driving licence.


From 16-years-old a teenager can compete in senior circuit racing events, from club level to national championships and beyond.


The Formula 1000 Junior Rally Championship and the Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge allow those aged 14-17 to compete as a driver on stage rally events in cars up to one litre in capacity. At 16, they can co-drive on a stage rally. They can continue to compete as a driver in these Junior Stage Rallies until the end of the year in which they turn 17. From 17 years old, drivers holding a driving licence can drive on road and stage rally events.

Sporting Trial

Sporting trials involve driving up challenging, muddy, hills in specialist vehicles. Teenagers can get behind the wheel from 16-years-old.