2022 Committee Members Sought

Thursday 15 April 2021

As motorsport’s national governing body, recognised by the FIA as the official ASN for the UK, Motorsport UK is charged with the management and development of the sport in a safe and fair manner, allowing many thousands of people to enjoy the sport fully. At the heart of its governance lies
the committee structure designed to ensure that there is a balanced development of ideas and proposals.

Motorsport UK’s committees are made up of motorsport enthusiasts and professionals, drawn from clubs, teams, manufacturers, competitors and officials – in fact the widest possible cross section of our sport. They all kindly give their time and energy to help ensure we have a safer, better managed sport, with fair play at its heart. In total over 250 people sit on the wide diversity of committees, subcommittees and advisory groups.

Every year we invite applications to join this community, as some members retire and we seek fresh thinking and perspectives. If you would like to get involved in creating the future of motorsport and feel you could contribute your experience, please get in touch.

Discipline Sport Committees

  • Autotest Committee
  • Cross Country Committee
  • Historic Committee
  • Kart Committee
  • Race Committee
  • Rallies Committee
  • Speed Events Committee including:
    − Autocross & Rallycross Sub Committee
    − Dragster Sub Committee
    − Sprint & Hill Climb Sub Committee
  • Trials Committee
  • Volunteer Officials’ Committee including:
    − Clerks’ & Stewards’ Advisory Group
    − Marshals’ Advisory Group
    − Training Advisory Group

Specialist Committees

  • Judicial Committee
  • Kart Technical Advisory Group
  • Medical Committee
  • Medical Advisory Group
  • Safety Committee
  • Rescue & Recovery Advisory Group
  • Technical Committee
  • Timekeeping Advisory Group

New Committees

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • Sustainability Committee

Please e-mail your motorsport CV along with a letter explaining why you feel you can contribute to the future development of motorsport to: committeeinterest@motorsportuk.org by Friday 2nd July. Please state which committee you are applying for.

The Nominations and Appointments Committee will review all applications received and submit recommendations to the Motorsport UK Board for approval. New members will be informed of their appointments in September.