2024 Motorsport UK Yearbook published; New NCRs to be trialled in 2024

Tuesday 12 December 2023

The 2024 Motorsport UK Yearbook, commonly known as the Blue Book, is now published in the Motorsport UK Resource Centre and mobile application.  

Click here to download a digital PDF. 

To view the publication in the mobile app, download on the Apple AppStore or Google Play, and head to the ‘Yearbook’ section.  

Published annually by Motorsport UK, the Blue Book includes all the basic rules governing participation in motorsport Events in the UK. 

For any queries regarding the Blue Book, please contact Motorsport UK via email. 

New Yearbook Format to be tested in 2024 

Over the last two years, Motorsport UK has embarked on a project to review the current Yearbook regulations with the aim of re-writing them as a modernised, comprehensive but easily accessible and easily understood, set of National Competition Rules (NCRs).  

The primary objective is to re-format and re-present the regulations that govern the sport, as opposed to making fundamental change. An initial consultation exercise was undertaken which involved a broadly defined questionnaire being sent to every licence holder – both Officials and Competitors.  

This elicited a very significant response from all sections of the community. Subsequent work has been undertaken in close consultation with every Discipline and Specialist Committee, each of whom has had a significant input to the final drafting. 

The NCRs will be accessible to all Clubs, Officials and Competitors in 2024 to allow familiarisation. Given the importance of the Regulations, the NCRs will be run on an ‘opt in’ trial basis only in 2024, and Motorsport UK will continue with the Yearbook in its current form as the default set of Regulations for 2024.  

Each discipline Committee is now consulting and considering what Events or Championships might wish to run trials in 2024 to test out the new NCRs for their area of the sport. This will provide the opportunity to identify and implement any necessary adjustments and, assuming the trial is successful, there would then be a full switch to the new NCRs in 2025.  

If your club would like to trial the new NCRs or learn more about using them to run events, please contact NCR@motorsportuk.org for further details.