Climbing the ladder- Shelsley Walsh launches AUTOCAR Young Driver Championship

Monday 29 March 2021

Shelsley Walsh and the Midland Automobile Club have today launched the AUTOCAR Shelsley Walsh Young Drivers Championship for 17-21 year olds to step into motorsport and get a taste of speed hill climbing.

The Championship is open to all 17-21 year olds who are new to motorsport but who have a driving licence. For 2021 we will be using road going Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 3 door cars built since 2000 that are as standard less for some safety modifications, all for a maximum purchase price of £2,500.

As junior members of the Midland Automobile Club, each driver will get a free test day at Curborough and a free day at the Shelsley Walsh Drivers School under expert guidance and instruction to tease that extra bit out of their car. Entries to each event will also be at a reduction of 50% for each driver as a helping hand for everyone on to that first rung of motorsport. 

The MAC has also negotiated a discounted rate for overalls, helmet, gloves and fire extinguishers too to ease the path towards success, fun and speed hill climbing.

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