An Open Letter to the Marshals and Volunteers of Wales Rally GB

Friday 11 October 2019

It never ceases to hit home just how your hard work and dedication as motorsport volunteers can make a difference at these events. In a way it’s a high-profile version of the importance of volunteers across every motorsport event throughout the year and at clubs across the country.

This year saw record crowds in attendance since the revival of the rally as the British leg of the World Rally Championship. The new route naturally presented challenges but the size of the crowds and the feedback from the fans goes to show that this is a world-class event and your contribution as volunteers and officials recognised is by all. As unsung heroes of motorsport, I am truly grateful to you all.

Safety is a priority and while the fact that three stages were compromised is frustrating, we must always put safety ahead of any other decision. It was absolutely the right decision in each case, and there is quite rightly a growing emphasis on safety in the delivery of these events.

We’ve been awarded a date in the diary for next year at the end of October which is another fantastic opportunity to inspire motorsports fans, but for now, you should be very proud of the success of Wales Rally GB 2019.

As volunteers you certainly deserve as much recognition and plaudits as those behind the wheel.

Hugh Chambers

Motorsport UK CEO