Bath Motor Club driving a sustainable future

Tuesday 19 December 2023

Hats off to the forward-thinking Bath Motor Club, which has been rewarded with Motorsport UK’s Sustainable Club of the Year Award for 2023.

This year the club celebrated 60 years of motorsports; since 1963 its members have organised hundreds of events, from grassroots to national level and participated in thousands more.

While rightly honouring its impressive history, the club is also looking towards the next 60 years, determined that the enjoyment and fun generated by competitive motorsport is available not only to the younger generation of today but also to the future generations to follow. As part of its campaign to actively attract younger members the club is acutely aware of the widespread concerns about the environment and the carbon impact of motor vehicles, thus sustainability is always towards the top of its agenda.

Almost four years ago it established a comprehensive review of all the environmental impacts of what it does and created a robust Environmental Management System, named BESS, designed to ensure its activities are sustainable, long into the future. The club was very proud that this initiative was acknowledged when it was awarded the first Motorsport UK Sustainability Accreditation in May 2021, but even prouder its ongoing successful efforts have received another major accolade.

“Bath Motor Club is absolutely delighted to receive the Motorsport UK Sustainable Club of the Year award for 2023,” confirmed Andy Cross who, as the Environmental Sustainability Leader, is a key driving force behind the implementation of many of the club’s eco-friendly plans.

“We have been working away on our Environmental Management System for three years now, this year using the Motorsport UK Carbon Calculator to back up our own carbon calculations too, and are so pleased that our efforts have been acknowledged in this way.

“We received the news as our happy team of volunteers were out planting some more trees with our partners, Co-Forest, and a loud cheer rang out! We are planting this new forest contributing to the offset required for all our club’s carbon emissions, but CO2 is just one of the environmental aspects we manage as a motor club. Waste, purchasing, noise and protection of the land, flora and fauna are significant, too.

“But the most vital aspect is communication and the encouragement and inspiration of others. It is so important for us to make what we do visible, transparent, and inclusive and we are very eager to encourage members from the 700 plus other clubs registered with Motorsport UK to do the same. Many small steps can take us a long way!”

To ensure good visibility of its environmental credentials, the club displays the green Motorsport UK sustainability logo on all its relevant documentation, media communications and clothing, which draws interest widely – even more so now as the club has rebranded in recent months.

For its sterling, award-winning efforts, the innovative Bath Motor Club gains a new logo badge as well as collecting a £1000 prize plus a special trophy from Motorsport UK – both to be presented at next month’s Night of Champions held at the Royal Automobile Club in London.