BXCC revs up this weekend in Yorkshire

Thursday 04 April 2024

The British Cross Country Championship (BXCC) kicks off this weekend at Pickering, North Yorkshire, marking the first championship event since 2021.  

The rebooted series will comprise six rounds, including two events in Wales and four in England, with a finish in the famed Walters Arena near Swansea. The fourth event will be a hill rally which will add an extra dimension and challenge for competitors from previous seasons. 

BXCC is the pinnacle of Cross Country motorsport in the UK, combining elements of rallying and off-roading. With the exception of the Hill Rally, it takes place on off-road courses of up to 9 miles in length, with each competitor completing the course several times and competing against the clock – lowest overall time wins! Events will be an exhilarating mix of fast rally type gravel, tarmac, wood sections, grass tracks and some technical and rough terrain – plus of course plenty of mud! 

The BXCC will run as a National Permitted Championship, and there will also be a Trophy Championship running alongside, which can be entered by Clubman (or higher) licence holders.  

“This is the right time to bring BXCC back,” says Jon Aston, head of the BXCC organising team at That’s Motorsport. “There is a huge desire for a British Championship. Lots of clubs are putting on some excellent events all around the country and they are very popular, but none are run as national permitted events. There is a desire from people to take part in more events around the country and the BXCC will be able to offer that experience. 

“This is all about the bigger picture of the sport and helping to grow awareness of Cross Country as a discipline. Cross Country is UK motorsport’s best kept secret! We hope it will encourage newcomers to get involved, not just in the BXCC, but also joining other Clubs so that, overall, we can help to make the sport bigger and even more popular across the country.” 

Steve Blakeman, Motorsport UK Head of Cross Country and Clubsport, added: “Cross Country is a perfect discipline for drivers who enjoy the challenge of car control in demanding conditions across varied terrain, and in this particular Championship, competing against the clock too. While the Cross Country scene is doing well on a Club level, it is a welcome step to have a British Championship for like-minded competitors to aspire to compete in. We look forward to supporting the BXCC throughout the year and seeing it flourish.” 

Last time out, the BXCC Championship was won by Adrian Marfell and Paul Bartleman. 

Follow BXCC on Motorsport UK TV, social media, and on Sporty Stuff channel (Sky 437) and FreeSat Channel 250. 


BXCC 2024 Calendar 

6 & 7 April: Round 1, Pickering (North Yorkshire)
11 & 12 May: Round 2, Ceri Forest (Wales)
27 & 28 July: Round 3, Penybont (Wales)
13 – 15 September: Round 4, Yorkshire Hill Rally (Yorkshire)
12 – 13 October: Rounds 5&6, Walters Arena (Wales)