Celebrating International Volunteers Day

Sunday 05 December 2021

All motorsport events from Formula 1 to club-level AutoSOLOs need volunteers to help them run safely and efficiently. From pits and paddocks to trackside, they do everything from essential administrative support all the way up to providing life-saving safety cover.

Volunteers are welcome at any age. Those aged between 11-16 years old can qualify as a cadet marshal, and those unable to perform trackside duties (marshalling, scrutineering, rescue & recovery and timekeeping) can get involved in a host of other exciting roles. Today, on International Volunteers Day, we look at some of the volunteer positions you can undertake at your local motor club.


The role of the Chairman is key to the club. It’s their responsibility to coordinate all the club activities and ensure other officials carry out their duties. The success of a club is the keystone of the Chairman.

Club Secretary 

Responsible for dealing with all non-specialist matters and correspondence. The Club Secretary manages the minutes and circulation of these to members, distributing club notifications and managing the membership renewal process.


The Treasurer keeps the club’s accounts in order and manages the preparation of budget and account statements for presentation at committee meetings. They are the go-to person for Auditors.

Championship or Event Secretary 

It is down to the Championship or Event Secretary to keep the details of competitors and their scores up-to-date, producing the position and result tables at suitable intervals.


There are many volunteer communications roles at your local club, including press officer duties, photography, updating the club’s website and social media channels.

Administrator or Coordinator

From booking onsite services required for running events to the preparation of membership packs, the role of Club Administrator or Coordinator is varied. They will often provide support for the General Manager in all aspects of running the club.

If you are interested in cars, the motorsport industry, enjoy working with people or want a project for your spare time, your local car club would love to hear from you. Stay tuned to the Motorsport UK channels to find out who has won our 2021 Club, Volunteer and Organisation of the Year! You can find details of your nearest car club to talk to them about volunteering here.