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Thomas Coller

Gender: Male
Age: 38
Suitability Check: Not Applicable


I have been involved in motorsport for over 20 years, with a previous background in karting at a national level. I have also been racing in closed wheel and tin top formulas at the club level since 2008, achieving top 3 finishes in the 750MC Locost and winning the 2018 M3 Cup Championship.

Since 2020, I have been offering driver support to those in grassroot formulas in the UK. In 2021, this expanded to offering one-to-one coaching and group sessions of Motorsport Coaching support, trackside or remotely. I obtained the qualification of Level 2 Motorsport Support Coach with Motorsport UK and 1st4sport accreditation in 2023.

As a coach, I am available for support coaching at all driver levels, offering a range of trackside packages and remote coaching opportunities targeted to individual driver's specific needs and learning styles. I am a friendly and empowering coach who focuses on a driver-centered philospohy, setting driver goals and using analysis of data and video to provide a supportive environment. For drivers to achieve improvement and reach targets, all while enjoying motorsport and track time.

I am committed to continuing my exisiting grassroot coaching and expanding my client base for the race season ahead. With my extensive experience and qualifications as a coach, drivers of all levels can benefit from my expertise and passion for motosport.

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Who do I coach? Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced

CPD (Continuing Professional Development)
First Aid



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Countries England, Wales

Regions South East

My Successes

Coaching drivers in 750 motor club championships gaining top 3 finishes. Supporting both novice and intermediate level competitors to improved performances, pole positions, podiums and overall improvement in focus and confidence.


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