DRIVE! How to begin your motorsport journey

Tuesday 17 October 2023

Motorsport UK has launched a special edition magazine titled, DRIVE! How to begin your motorsport journey, to explain the routes into the various disciplines of motorsport. 

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Motorsport is more diverse and accessible than many would imagine, with different ways to get involved behind the scenes as well as behind the wheel. 

Racing, rallying and karting are well known types of motorsport but they are just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of events each year across an array of different disciplines, offering something for every budget and background.  

Motorsport UK represents 13 different kinds of motorsport, covering everything from high-speed racing and rallying to Esports and AutoSOLOs in local car parks. 

Explore DRIVE! to learn more and explore the disciplines here: 

Motorsport UK’s StreetCar initiative showcases motorsport that can be participated in in your everyday road car.  

A wide range of low-cost ‘grassroots’ disciplines are available for new and existing members of the community, comprising Autotest’s, Trials & Cross Country and Road Rally that provide a wide variety of formats and challenges.  

StreetCar disciplines can be participated in with a standard unmodified road car without special safety kit and to drive only a free Motorsport UK RS Clubman licence is required. 

To find out more about StreetCar visit: and sign-up for your free licence here – A paid upgrade is available for members to receive enhanced member benefits, saving on daily costs, as well as a physical and personalised licence with accompanying lanyard and competitor sticker.  

UK motorsport’s diversity is one of its great strengths and there really is something for everyone so what are you waiting for? Start your motorsport journey today with Motorsport UK.