Electric StreetCar at the 2023 Hankook London E-Prix

Saturday 01 July 2023

During the last weekend of July, the ABB Formula E World Championship returned to the ExCel centre in London – a unique track that weaves its way both inside and outside of the exhibition centre and historical heart of the Royal Docklands. Inspired by fighter jets, the emissions-free Gen3 single seaters look like something from outer space, with angular, futuristic bodywork and top speeds of 200mph – but all-electric motorsport can look much more familiar. Elsewhere at the ExCel, in the Allianz Fan Village, Motorsport UK StreetCar was offering passenger rides for an AutoSOLO demonstration, with three all-electric Fiat 500 cars.

StreetCar brings awareness to motorsport disciplines which are available in your everyday road car, where no safety kit or modifications are required, and can be entered under the free RS Clubman licence. These include:

  • AutoSOLO, Autotest and Production Car Autotest
  • Rally: Road, 12 Car, Navigational, Scatter, Targa, Touring Assembly and Treasure Hunt
  • Trials: Car Trial and Cross Country Tyro

Designed in partnership with Sevenoaks & District Motor Club, the AutoSOLO held at the London E-prix was a test of precision and car control, with slalom sections and longer turns. Over 1,000 visitors signed up for a free RS Clubman licence, then joined an experienced driver for a passenger ride around the marked course. More than 100 have since been matched with a local StreetCar Club to participate in nearby events in their own cars.

With more electrified and hybrid vehicles on the road than ever before, this was a showcase of electric motorsport at a grassroots level. A sustainable and accessible entry point, electric motorsport is no longer the reserve of top-level international championships – or of cars that look like spaceships.

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