First Timers: Swapping AutoSOLOs for Autotests

Monday 10 January 2022

Everyone gets a buzz from starting something new. The adrenaline. The excitement. The fear. The anticipation. These wide-ranging emotions can beat you, or they can ignite a passion that will last forever.

If you are already involved in motorsport, you will remember taking that first step, but whether you are a rookie or an old hand, there are always new challenges you can turn your hand to. 

In the December edition of Revolution, Motorsport UK caught up with five ‘rookies’ who tried a new motor racing discipline in 2021. Each had highs and lows on this new motorsport journey, but all came back with one simple message: get out and go for it!

Up first is Mel Morgan, who swapped Autosoloing for Autotesting.

Mel Morgan

I have been competing in Autosolos since 2013. I first tried it out for free in a demonstration at Autosport International and absolutely loved it, so my dad, brother, and I bought a cheap car, and the rest is history. But this year, I fancied a new challenge.  

Having watched the Autotesters do their thing for so many years, I was eager to see if I could learn some new skills, so I took the jump and entered my first Autotest on 20th June at Lymm Truck Stop. 

I went the day before to help set up, walk the test, and get some hints and tips from the masters of Autotest, Steve Johnson and Colin Moreton. I was nervous on the day but so excited, and I prepared myself to do terribly, hoping that I would just enjoy it.  

My first run was absolutely atrocious, but I came away with the biggest smile on my face! I made multiple silly mistakes throughout the day, but my skills for the handbrake turns and reverses improved with each go. I could hear some of the other spectators cheering me on when I got it right, which was amazing and with every attempt, my smile got bigger and bigger. It was a fantastic day.

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