#GenerationRestoration: Doing our bit for World Environment Day

Wednesday 05 June 2024

World Environment Day puts a global spotlight on the pressing environmental challenges of our times, encouraging people across the globe to reassess how their actions impact the environment. 

We recognise that our sport has a part to play in tackling climate change for the good of our planet and people. Everything that we do as an organisation is rooted within our firm commitment to reaching net zero as an organisation, supporting our community with real outcomes for venues, competitors and volunteers. 

We have developed a comprehensive Sustainability Strategy that acts as a roadmap to guide our journey to net zero. In parallel, we partner with organisations to ensure we stay abreast of best practices within the world of sport. These include the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, British Association for Sustainability in Sport, and the FIA 3* Accreditation programme. 

With #GenerationRestoration as the theme for 2024, it is worth considering the role of sustainable fuels in motorsport. We believe that as the production of sustainable fuels becomes more widespread in both motorsport and the wider automotive industry there will be a corresponding opportunity for grassroots motorsport to benefit from the low-carbon solution that sustainable fuels offer. 

Many top-tier championships are already adopting the use of sustainable fuels into their activity – from the World Rally Championship – to the ROKiT F4 British Championship certified by FIA to – Formula One. 

Find out more about our commitment to sustainable fuels and how they could transform the future of the sport and mobility.