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2020 RS Clubman Licence

All competitors (and some passengers) need to hold a new RS Clubman licence as a minimum from 2020, in order to compete in a Motorsport UK permitted event. This licence is free of charge, entitles you to access Motorsport UK’s comprehensive member benefits package*, and will allow you to compete in following events run on a Motorsport UK Clubman Permit:

  • Autocross/Clubcross (inc. Minicross)
  • Autotest/Autosolo
  • Trials
  • Cross Country
  • Road & Navigational Rallying (inc. 12 Car & Scatter)

In order to apply online, you need to satisfy the below criteria:

  • You are minimum 18 years of age
  • You are medically fit to compete in motorsport
  • You are a British citizen

If you don’t meet the above criteria – fear not, we will only need a few additional pieces of information. For those under 18 can apply offline through the application form or with the Membership Services team. For more information on what age you can compete at, please click here

RS Clubman licences are required for passengers. Applicants for RS Clubman licences who answer yes to either medical questions, they will not be allowed to drive on the day, but they will be allowed to be a passenger on the day. For applicants answering yes, when Motorsport UK receives the application form, the medical team will assess the information and decide on suitability to drive. The applicant will then be contacted by Motorsport UK.

For RS Clubman applicants seeking to drive in an event, and who are disabled or have a medical condition other than those covered in the second medical question referenced by the RS Clubman application form:

“Are you epileptic or do you suffer from any fits, fainting spells or blackouts or take any medication to control this?”….provided you have a current and valid DVLA licence for the class of vehicle in which you’ll be competing, you may compete on the day (and may answer NO to the first medical question).

Please download the RS Clubman application form and provide supporting details and send your application to Motorsport UK either via


*RS Clubman Licence holders do not have access to free trackday insurance cover

Apply for the RS Clubman licence online

Download the RS Clubman Application Form

If you wish to compete in any other event, please apply for a Motorsport UK Competition licence online or via the competition licence application form.

Apply online for a Motorsport UK Competition licence

Download Motorsport UK Competition licence application form

Please refer to the below link which states the minimum age criteria for holding a Motorsport UK licence.

Please note the criteria apply to Drivers, Navigators and Passengers.

If you have not applied in advance of your event, the event organiser should be able to provide application forms on the day.


RS Clubman Member Benefits

You could save hundreds of pounds a year on your motorsport costs with our member benefits scheme. The discounts include reduced cost fuel, reduced cost tyres, free eye tests, discounts at Halfords, and reduced insurance premiums among many others. These benefits and more will become available in January 2020  – once you have received your membership pack.

Your personal accident insurance cover is significant as an RS Clubman member, to offer you peace of mind as you will be covered by a £100m public liability provision.

You will be able to view the full list of membership benefits when you log in as a member at