Thursday 05 March 2020

Click here to obtain your FREE RS Clubman Licence

Since the RS Clubman licence was introduced towards the tail end of 2019, over 11,000 have been issued to club-level motorsport competitors. The new licence, which is completely free and very easy to apply for, permits the holder to compete in grass roots motorsport disciplines such as autosolos, autotests, car trials, autocross and cross country events, plus road and navigational rallies including Scatters and 12 Cars.

“It’s never been easier to get your first motorsport licence,” comments Motorsport UK’s Membership Manager Michael Wentworth. “Before we introduced the new licence, hundreds of people would participate in events right across the country without us knowing who they were. They were members of motor clubs, but they had no connection to us. Now, however, anybody who competes in a road rally or an autosolo, for instance, is part of the Motorsport UK community – with all the benefits that come with it.”

From insurance cover to discounted tyres, the benefits of being a Motorsport UK member are manifold. RS Clubman licence holders are covered by the same £100m public liability insurance on Motorsport UK permitted events as any other competitor or official, and they’re entitled to the same discounts from Halfords, Protyre and Adrian Flux, cheaper ferry crossings with DFDS, better rates on hotel rooms with Hilton, Doubletree and Hampton Hotels, plus discounted prices at Grand Prix Racewear and Power Maxed, and plenty more besides, all helping to offsetthe cost of competing. “Another advantage,” adds Wentworth, “is that RS Clubman licence holders can now log into the Motorsport UK website and see all the rules, regulations and judicial processes in one place.

But the really great thing about the new licence is the broad range of disciplines it allows you to compete in. With that one, free licence you can do so much.” Replacing the Non-Race Clubman licence (which cost £29), RS Clubman is just one of the many new initiatives that demonstrates Motorsport UK’s commitment to boosting participation in the sport at a grass roots level. The licence restructure is mirrored by a restructuring of event permits, meaning it’s far simpler now to work out which licence you’ll need to compete in any given event. If the event in question is being run on a Clubman permit, for instance, you’ll only need an RS Clubman licence.

“Applying for one couldn’t be simpler,” says Motorsport UK’s Competitions and Clubs Manager Simon Fowler. “You can either fill out a paper form on the day of the event or complete an online one that takes only a couple of minutes. You’ll receive a temporary licence immediately.” As long as you’re over 18 years old, medically fit to compete in motorsport and a British citizen, you can apply for your 2020 RS Clubman licence online. Anybody not meeting that criteria will need to complete an additional form, available from the same web page.