Glossop glides to British Car Trial success

Wednesday 16 September 2020

The Motorsport UK British Car Trial Championship finally got underway last weekend with the Wolverhampton-based Gaby Mohr event, where Dick Glossop in his freshly supercharged Liege kit car had a superb day to win overall – dominating from the offset.

The new car class saw the return of Nick Pollitt in a Nissan Micra, who led at lunchtime surprisingly, but during the afternoon lost out to favourite Trevor Moffatt, ruing the lack of new tyres. Moffatt won the class and took third overall ahead of Pollitt.

Philip Buckle in the front-wheel-drive class trailed Rupert North by a point after the first eight sections, but slowly pulled a decisive twenty two point lead by the finish – netting second overall. Championship runner-up Garry Preston returned to his Fiat 127 and finished third in class.

Reigning double champion Mark Hoppe was first off, but from the offset was outclassed by Dick Glossop who was inspirational on the first round, building a buffer that Hoppe stood no chance of closing. John Charles had a good day in his Liege to finish third in class in the dry conditions.

Gaby Mohr Car Trial Results 

  1. Dick Glossop, Liege SS, 50.7%
  2. Philip Buckle, Citroen Saxo VTR, 64.4%
  3. Trevor Moffatt, Vauxhall Corsa, 83.17%
  4. Nick Pollitt, Nissan Micra, 97.5%
  5. Mark Hoppe, Dutton Melos, 97.8%
  6. Rupert North, Rover Mini, 104.2%
  7. Chris Judge, Citroen Saxo, 115.9%
  8. John Wadsworth, Ford KA, 120.5%
  9. Garry Preston, Fiat 127, 128.8%
  10. Peter Hilleard, Peugeot 106D, 138.3%