International Women’s Day: Celebrating incredible women and girls in UK motorsport

Tuesday 08 March 2022

Today, on International Women’s Day, Motorsport UK is proud to announce Formula 1 Presenter Ariana Bravo, who is a graduate of the Girls on Track UK programme, as its newest Girls on Track UK Ambassador.

Bravo’s appointment as the 24th Girls on Track UK Ambassador comes on a day where the governing body is celebrating the incredible work and achievements of women in motorsport.

To mark International Women’s Day, Motorsport UK is running a series of dedicated Girls on Track UK activities, which are designed to inspire the next generation and #BreakTheBias, in collaboration with TeamSport.

The activities are taking place at TeamSport Manchester for local schoolgirls aged 11 to 13. Students who participate will be experiencing a variety of fun and engaging activities from pit-stop challenges on mini-F1 cars, seeing a Haas F1 car up close and wheel to wheel karting action on the track at TeamSport, to meeting professional race car drivers Jess Hawkins and Sarah Moore, who have competed in the W Series, and putting themselves in the shoes of a TV presenter in a session led by Bravo.

Girls on Track UK most recently featured on ITV 4’s Driving Force series alongside two-time W Series champion, Jamie Chadwick, and Jess Hawkins – as the initiative continually seeks to find new routes to inspire more women and girls into motorsport.

Ariana Bravo, Formula 1 Presenter and Girls on Track UK Ambassador, said:  

I joined Girls on Track UK, formerly Dare to be Different, in 2018 and it was truly one of the best decisions I made in terms of my motorsport journey. It goes without saying that the events are brilliant, but beyond that, when I was trying to build my presenting portfolio, Girls on Track UK gave me the opportunity to host several webinars and the experience I gained was invaluable. The community as a whole is incredibly special and I’m so pleased to be part of it. I’ve connected with so many talented and passionate women, many of who have become close friends, and we are each other’s biggest supporters! 

“It was at a Girls on Track UK event in 2019 that I first put my goal of becoming an F1 presenter on paper and two years later, I’m thrilled that I’ve been able to achieve that. Girls on Track UK has been such an important part of my journey and I’m honoured to now be an ambassador for such a fantastic community. I can’t wait to be involved in future events and to help other women pursue their dreams within motorsport!”

Helen Bashford-Malkie, Motorsport UK Board member and Chair of Motorsport UK’s Women in Motorsport Sub Committee, added:

The FIA Girls on Track UK initiative takes place frequently throughout the year as it seeks to engage, encourage and inspire the current and next generation of women into careers in motorsport.

“We’ve already seen through stories like Ariana Bravo’s how getting involved with the initiative can truly create tangible change in the lives of young women and girls who dream of a career in motorsport. It is a great example of how our fantastic team at Motorsport UK are seeking to break the bias today, and every day, as we strive for gender equity in motorsport.”

Dominic Gaynor, CEO of TeamSport Karting, commented:

“We are delighted to have supported the Girls on Track UK initiative for several years now.  It is an honour to host these events, which help inspire hundreds of young females, in a way that is educational, engaging and hugely fun.

“The benefits to the world of motorsport and the wider community of championing female participation in sport are clear, and this is a cause which TeamSport continues to support.”

Dr. Cristiana Pace, Member of Motorsport UK’s Sustainability Committee,  Girls on Track UK Ambassador and Founder of Enovation Consulting Ltd, concluded:

“As one of the first Dare to Be Different ambassadors and now a Girls on Track UK ambassador, I welcome Ariana onboard. Ariana’s story is testament of how this purpose-driven program is building visible legacy, inspiring and supporting young girls on their journey into the industry.

“Being a Girls on Track UK Ambassador is incredibly rewarding. Girls on Track UK plays a pivotal role in breaking the bias of motorsport being a “men’s world” and inspiring women and girls into all areas of the industry through its regular series of events and ever-growing online community on Facebook and other social media channels. I am sure Ariana will be a great role model for young girls wanting to work in motorsport and I look forward to continuing working with Ariana and the rest of the team in the future.”