Motorsport in the Welsh Forests – Update from Motorsport UK

Wednesday 14 July 2021

Following the consultation and presentation of the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (SMNR) Review of Motorsport in the Welsh Government Woodland Estate paper earlier today, Natural Resource Wales (NRW) and Motorsport UK will continue to work together to provide a long-term future for the sport in the forestry estate.

The NRW Board collectively accepted the recommendations of the review today (14th July), allowing the continued permission for four-wheeled motorsport in the Welsh Government Woodland Estate (WGWE). NRW will work alongside Motorsport UK and its affiliated clubs to further improve sustainability.

Moving forward, Motorsport UK and NRW will commit to further improve the sustainability of the sport and integrate these into the new master agreement, with a particular focus on reducing carbon footprint and supporting biodiversity.

Motorsport UK Chairman David Richards CBE said: “Motorsport UK are encouraged by the positive dialogue with Natural Resource Wales and delighted to hear the positive support from the NRW Board towards the sport and the shared vision to help shape the future of motorsport in the Welsh forests.

“We fully support the drive towards protecting the forests, sustaining biodiversity and reducing the footprint of events, and that is a challenge we fully embrace. Our member clubs are already working hard towards this, with one of the largest events in Wales, the Cambrian Rally aiming to go net carbon neutral by 2025.

“Motorsport in the Welsh forests provides sports tourism and economic benefits which are vital for local and regional communities, and we must work together collaboratively to maintain the sport and the benefit it brings to the wider population.”